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What is Kate Weaving & Waving at you today??

Golden Tongues

A mummy with a tongue of gold Parents trying to feed and not scold I bring you today some different News  And tell you my controversial views YouTube Video


Running a Radio Station by oneself is just not possible. It was a good experience but I am much happier podcasting and doing videos. I look forward to starting my presenter training at the local radio station when it opens up again but until then I will focus on things that please me most. IContinue reading “Re-Direction”

Crazy Impetuous Me!

What the fukc have I done? LOL I have started my own Radio Station. Yeah, crazy me. I was disappointed that my Radio Presenter training has been cancelled until further notice, ie. until Boris calls off Lockdown. So found a Radio Platform and bought a place on it to host my Radio. I have neverContinue reading “Crazy Impetuous Me!”


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